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Identifying Energy Cost Reduction Opportunities

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Energy Monitoring Devices

Identifying Energy Efficiency & Energy Cost Reduction Opportunities

At Thermtec Energy Solutions we Provide a unique and comprehensive energy monitoring and analysis system.

At Thermtec we have all the tools from Teracom Ethernet Controllers to 1 Wire Sensors and Detectors to help reduce your maintenance cost and therefore minimise any costly down time and loss.

Our state of the art inspection and reporting equipment will provide you with the very best visual reports for to help you maintain your manufacturing facilities at the peak of their production, we offer a service second to none and enable us to provide you with the highest quality service and fastest turn around.

We have developed our in house hardware and software to enable a cost effective, easy to use robust system to audit analyse and identify energy usage and wastage.

For ease of use our system is accessible from any web connected computer or device allowing you full control of your system day or night 365 days a year.

Coupled with this we have also developed a fail over data collection system that will collect and record all data from your connected devices locally on site in parallel to your web service in the event of a broadband failure.

The system is designed to provide you with a comprehensive data collection system to allow both quantitative and qualitative energy consumption data analysis and monitoring along with connected systems control.

Some of the modules that form the system structure are Power Monitoring, Solar PV Monitoring, Relay Switching, Hot Water Controls, Heating and Humidity Controls to name a few.

The system can provide you with an invaluable data logging system to automatically record ambient room temperatures and hot water system temperatures along with anti-legionella cycles for records required for both HSA and HSE requirements and also freeing up staff time and preventing record keeping errors, areas which this can be of benefit to are the childcare sector, nursing homes, health centres among many others.

Thermtec Energy Auditing Consultants Ireland can provide a range of energy audits for business commercial industrial public sector in the area of energy efficiency.

We have always sought to provide information on energy efficiency and electricity usage.

We developed our energy audit monitoring and management software which our energy consultant will demonstrate on initial meetings.

The audits offered range from ‘site walk-through’ to a ‘comprehensive audit’ mainly used for large energy users.

All  energy audits are designed to identify savings and have been developed to meet customers’ needs.


 Thermtec Energy Solutions

Energy Monitoring Equipment

3 Phase Energy Monitoring Board

This product has been designed to provide the end user with the equipment to record and view in Real Time energy consumption on 3 phase circuits, allows for remote monitoring of amp, V, Pf, KWh, KVA, KVar. It has unique communication interface which allows commnuication over LAN, RS485, GSM, 3G, Wifi, and Zigbee Pro. This is part of a suite of New Energy Monitoring Hardware which works in conjunction with our Enigma Dashboard Monitoring Software.

Technical Details:

Superior analogue performance with ultra-low noise level and high SNR.
Energy measurement accuracy of 0.1% over 4000:1 dynamic range.
Current RMS measurement accuracy of 0.1% over 1000:1 dynamic range.
CT and Rogowski coil current sensors.
Overcurrent, voltage sag and voltage swell detection.
Internal register protection via checksum and write protection.
On chip voltage reference (25 ppm/°C typ.)
Low Power Consumption: < 13 mW
On-board measurements / calculations.
Up to 3000a per phase.
Three phases and natural.
5 second granulation of data.
On board memory and SD backup standard with auto sync with network reconnect.
DIN rail mountable and stackable compact module.
Dual power connection RJ45 through interconnector board or independent 12V DC connection.
Interchangeable comms module allowing multiple communication platforms.
Supports: Broadband, Local Network, GSM, 3G, Zigbee Pro 2.4GHz, RS485.
Firmware Remotely upgradeable.
RTC with Power Backup.
Powerful Cortex M4 on-board processors.
USB ans JTag update with diagnostic ports.
LED Indicators: Power, HV Ph1, 2, 3, CT N, 1, 2, 3, Programming and comms.


Active, reactive and apparent power. RMS Voltage and Current. Power Factor and Line Frequency. Instantaneous voltage, current and power.

Cloud Based Services

Our Network gateway uses your existing broadband and or LAN infrastructure or we can provide you with a wireless broadband solution if there is no existing broadband or LAN service available.

As with all our energy efficiency audits each project is fully analysed and a solution designed to the highest specifications and includes options such as bill cost analysis, tariff suitability, cloud based power usage monitoring and data logging, trending, wireless dual manual and cloud based heating and hot water controls and data logging are just a few solutions to choose from.

The energy audits process begins when the customer makes their initial query. From there, through to the development of a detailed solution and its implementation we provide you with an unparalleled service and aftercare support to ensure you maintain and continue to benefit from your savings. The design and analysis team manage work directly with each individual customer.

Thermtec Energy Efficiency Audits use Thermtec Panels data logging products to monitor Electrical Energy Usage, Liquid, Temperature and Humidty controls

 Remote Monitoring & Control System

Energy Monitoring Software

Energy management software provides the tools to measure the performance of energy use against factors such as production using advanced regression and benchmarking techniques.

Here are some of the additional areas that we can trend the harvested data for:

Phase Imbalance
Individual Production line
Energy Usage
Energy Cost
Active, reactive and apparent power
RMS Voltage and Current
Power Factor and Line Frequency
Instantaneous voltage, current and power
Stop Start Analysis
Production Time
Breakdown Timings
PM Assistive Analysis

Smart Energy Monitoring Systems Enigma Data Analysis Software Emergency Failover Data Collection.

Cloud Based access to view your usage.
Multi Zone selection from any connected device
Can be used in both New and Retrofit Installations.
Graphical Views in Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Yearly.

Enigma Smart Control Panels Intelligent LAN and Cloud Based Monitoring.

Enigma Analysis Software allows you to rapidly view your energy usage in a numbers of ways to help you with your day to day energy reduction plan.
Enigma will all you to automatically calculate KW Cost, Carbon, Percentage of usage from a single upload by the required daily tariff and to compare by energy supplier.

Failover access through your desktop to view your usage data.
Enigma will Data log Electricity, Weather, Temperature, Hot Water, Solar PV, Relays and Heat Pumps.
Enigma will allow you set up to three time sets per unit per day.
Automatic PDF Reporting and file structure setup

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