Homeowners across the country, in a quest to reduce their ever increasing energy bills and offset their carbon footprint, are turning their attention to the sky, to embrace the limitless energy of the sun.

As well as an increase in demand for solar energy, there has been a shift towards energy efficiency more generally. Companies providing services have sprung up across Ireland, allowing homeowners to avail of alternative energy sources and increase the overall energy efficiency of their homes.

But despite this increase in demand, many people have questions, concerns and doubts about whether they can afford to participate in this green revolution.

Here at EnergyEfficiency.ie, we address these doubts.

As Ireland’s leading provider of information and support related to all things energy, we compare electricity providers’ rates, give expert advice on all things solar, and connect Irish households with the most trusted (and best value) solar installers in the country.

The Current Issues With Renewables in Ireland


Despite more people becoming interested in alternative energy sources, there is a lack of accurate, reliable and impartial information for homeowners and businesses.


The world of installers can feel like a minefield, with limited information about the most reliable, highly rated installers in each county, and the value for money each of them offer.


Household energy expenditure has soared by over 150% during this energy crisis, meaning homeowners have less in their pockets at the end of each month.


Much of the information found online is not relevant to Ireland. Each country has their own grants, incentives, laws and prices, and many energy websites have information that is completely irrelevant to Ireland.

We Help Irish Homeowners

Impartial Information

We do not sell any products. Our information, advice and support is 100% free and impartial, meaning we can be completely transparent and open about all elements of solar energy.

Vetted Network of Installers

We conduct annual surveys on the best solar installers in each county. Choosing a reliable solar installer is crucial, so we rate companies based on their quality, value for money, reliability, local reputation and integrity.

Free service

All information we provide to customers and access to our local SEAI regulated solar installer database is completely free. We are here to help consumers make the best informed decision available.

Irish advice

We are focused solely on Ireland, we understand the constantly evolving landscape of solar energy in Ireland, as well as the unique challenges that we face here.

Management Team

James Dorrian – Director

James is Managing Director of Energy Efficiency Ireland. With a background in business, he has acquired a passion for renewable energy over the past decade. Energy Efficiency’s primary objective is to help homeowners and businesses effortlessly and cost effectively transition to a green energy future by offering advice, tips and impartial reviews of products.

Briain Kelly – Head of Renewable Energy Research

Briain developed a keen interest in the green transition and renewable energy while working as a news reporter in the West of Ireland. He is devoted to learning about and sharing the latest research and best practices within the world of renewables, and is up-to-date with the most cutting edge technology in the world of renewable energy. His expert knowledge extends to groundbreaking technological developments across the world, as well as government policy here in Ireland and abroad.

Michael Malone – Solar Energy Editor

Michael is an experienced editor whose primary objective is to highlight the ways by which people across Ireland can reduce their electricity bills by installing solar PV panels and adopting other renewable technologies. Michael oversees Energy Efficiency Ireland’s content, ensuring that all of our tips, recommendations and advice are both up-to-date and accurate.

Solar Energy Saves Households Thousands in Electricity Costs

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