Those who have recently bought an electric vehicle (EV) or are thinking about buying one, you will likely want to know about the best EV home chargers currently on the market in Ireland.

Myenergi’s Zappi home EV charger is one of the most commonly installed chargers in Ireland for a number of reasons, including its reliability and eco-friendly features which set it apart from other car charger manufacturers.

Myenergi Zappi Home EV Charger

Myenergi Zappi Car Charger Features

  • Power output of 7kW to 22kW
  • Protection Degree of IP65 – making it weatherproof and suitable for outdoors
  • Comes as tethered or untethered
  • Two colour options available: black and white
  • 3-year warranty
  • Compatible with Solar PV panels
myenergi Zappi Car Charger Features

Solar Compatible

The myenergy Zappi is the first solar and wind compatible home EV charger, allowing you to fully charge your car using green electricity generated by your solar PV panels.

Mobile App for Convenience

Everything is in one place with the easy-to-use myenergi app, giving you 24/7 control over your charging and allowing you to monitor and schedule its energy use from anywhere.

Charging Modes

The myenergi app gives users the choice of three charging modes: Fast, Eco, and Eco+ allowing EV owners to choose where electricity comes from for charging their EV battery.

Boost Settings

There are also three boost settings –  manual, smart and scheduled – which can be changed at any time to suit your needs.

Built for with the Future in Mind

Homes of the future will be more energy efficient, equipped with heat pumps and solar panels. The Zappi charger was designed with this in mind, meaning it will be compatible with all home upgrades of the future.

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The Solar Compatible Car Charger

The Zappi was the first electric car charger to be compatible with solar energy, meaning those with PV panels can choose to power up their EV battery fully using green electicity generated from sunlight.

And with more households deciding to install solar panels in Ireland to reduce their annual bills and their carbon footprint, the Zappi is perhaps the perfect choice for those who wish to fully utilise the free electricity generated by their PV panels.

Solar Power and EV Charging

Three Charging Modes with Zappi EV Chargers


With Fast mode, your electric car charges at its maximum capacity. The electricity used in Fast mode can come from either renewable energy or directly from the grid, depending on whether electricity sourced from renewable sources is available. 

When energy from solar panels or wind turbine is unavailable, the myenergi Zappi charger works like a standard charging point with Fast mode.


Eco mode uses renewable energy sources, combining it with grid-sourced electricity. It aims to reduce the amount of grid sourced electricity used. 

In Eco mode, green electricity is prioritised, but when surplus generation falls below 1.4kw, grid power is used to back it up, meaning your car will be fully charged whether there is surplus electricity or not.


Eco+ is the most environmentally friendly of all three charging modes, utilising renewable energy over grid-sourced power. 

Charging pauses when there is not enough solar electricity to charge your car. This mode is especially useful for EV owners who have an array of solar PV panels which provides them with a substantial amount of electricity, and makes charging using green electricity extremely easy.

Myenergi Zappi Home EV Charger Installation

As well as the three charging modes offered by a Zappi electric car charger, they are also quick and easy to install compared to some other chargers on the market.

Built-in PEN technology means that there is no need for earth rods, making the installation process quick and straightforward.

The installation will typically take a couple of hours, meaning that you can be powering up your vehicle on the same day.

There are home EV charger installers across Ireland, but we recommend getting a quote from a trusted, reliable installation company with a track record of successful car charger installations.

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Zappi Home Charger Prices

The price of a Zappi home charger in Ireland depends on the peak power output of the charger. The charger itself may cost between €800 and €1050 and installation costs will be on top of this. 

But the SEAI offers a €300 grant towards the installation of new EV home chargers, which may slash up-front costs by up to a third.

And with Level 2 charging, especially with solar energy, the savings will more than pay back what it costs to install a Zappi charger.


The length of time it takes to charge your electric car with a Zappi EV charger depends on the battery size of your car and the power output of the charger. The Zappi is able to charge EVs in just a few hours, meaning your car will always be ready to go.

You don’t need solar panels to charge your electric car with a myenergi Zappi home charger, however homeowners with PV solar panels can benefit from Zappi features such as eco and eco+ mode which prioritise electricity generated from renewable sources.

To be eligible for the SEAI grant of €300, your electric vehicle home charger must be placed in an off-street location which is associated with your home, and at the back of the house. Zappi chargers are also weatherproof, so this can be outdoors.

The easiest way of getting a Zappi charger in Ireland is to receive a free quote from a reliable EV charger installer with competitive pricing, who will deal with all stages of the installation process for you.

Zappi chargers are absolutely worth the money. Their slick design, LCD screen, easy-to-use app and cost-saving features such as the eco+ charging mode are just some of the reasons the Zappi charger is so popular in Ireland.

The cable on a Zappi charger ranges from 5 meters to 8 meters in length. For most EV owners, a 5-metre cable will be more than enough, but in some cases, a longer cable might be required.

Scheduling charging with a Zappi home EV charger is extremely easy. Simply use the boost timer to schedule your charging to make the most of lower night-time rates offered by your electricity provider.

The Zappi charger comes with a PIN lock feature, providing electric car owners with added security.

Zappi electric car chargers are manufactured in the United Kingdom by myenergi, a British designer and manufacturer of renewable energy products for solar panels and EVs.

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