The Huawei Smart Module Controller is a small but powerful addition to any solar PV system enabling the best power and performance of each solar panel. 

These power optimisers and sensors will also help to improve the safety of solar panels, and give homeowners the capacity to monitor their output and provide a much needed tool for simplifying maintenance.

  • Up to 30% Improved Power Generation
  • Open Up More Roof Space for Solar Panels
  • Rapid Shutdown Safety Feature
  • Ultra-Long 25 Year Warranty
Huawei Smart Module Controller

Independent Operation of Solar Panels

Having Smart PV Optimizers installed on your solar panels will allow each module to work independently of all the other panels. 

This alleviates the potential downsides of string inverters, where one lower performing panel in the solar array can reduce the performance of the entire system.

Regardless of shade, damage, temperature differences, or other obstructions, each solar panel in the system will be operating at maximum capacity.

Simplify the PV String

Having solar optimisers fitted to each module in a solar PV array can allow you to include more panels in the system going through a single inverter.

Depending on the model of the power optimiser, and the SUN2000 Smart Energy Controller it is connected to, a PV string fitted with power optimisers can incorporate 25 to 35 panels on a single string.

Make Better Use of Roof Space

This independent operation also makes it easier to use all of your potential roof space for solar panels. 

Without having to worry about orientation or shading dragging down the performance of the solar array as a whole, a considerably greater amount of roof space can be made available for solar panels.

Flexible Design Increases Power Output

This ability to be more flexible in the design and layout of a solar PV array, as well as maximising the output from each module, can significantly improve the amount of energy produced by your panels. 

With Power Optimisers installed a solar PV system can see its power output boosted by as much as 30%. This allows homeowners to make the maximum use of renewable energy and cut their reliance on the grid.

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Rapid Shutdown Protection from High Voltages

In the event of an emergency, the Rapid Shutdown (RSD) feature of the power optimisers kicks in to make the rooftop safe. 

A solar PV array can run anywhere from 600 V to 1,000 V, with Direct Current running across the rooftop even if the inverter has been switched off. 

The RSD function of the power optimizer can quickly reduce that voltage to a safe state, allowing access to the roof and preventing potential electrical hazards.

Performance & Health Monitoring

The Huawei Smart Energy Controller integrates with the FusionSolar App to give you multiple tools for tracking the power output and system health of solar panels.

Real time analysis of performance data keeps you up to date on how the system is performing, and can reduce the need for costly in person maintenance and health checks.

Build a Map of Your Solar Panels

Scanning the QR code as each optimiser is being installed allows a template map to be created, precisely placing each module within a grid.

This map of a solar PV array is of huge benefit when it comes to monitoring and maintenance. Whenever an issue arises you can tell exactly where the problem is located at a glance through the FusionSolar App.

Knowing exactly what module has failed, and where that module is located can save several hours of searching for the source of the fault compared with a traditional string system.

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Integrated Power Monitoring

On top of improving the performance of solar panels, the Huawei Smart Module Controller allows for detailed monitoring and management of your PV array. 

The system allows you to track the performance and output of each individual solar panel, providing an essential early indication if a panel has sustained damage or if a fault is affecting it.

Simple Integrated Monitoring System

All of the data provided by your power optimisers can be easily viewed through the FusionSolar Smart PV Management System. This system, both an app and web portal, allows easy access to the location and power generation of each solar panel on the string.

This centralised control also integrates with other devices in your system such as the Smart Energy Controller Inverter and the Luna Smart Energy Storage System. 

All of the elements in your smart home from the solar panels, inverter, and battery storage can be controlled remotely from a single interface.


The rated power of your solar panels should not exceed the Rated Input DC Power limit for the optimiser modules. Fortunately, the Huawei Smart Module Controller has two models rated for DC inputs of 450W and 600W maximum respectively. This means they are more than compatible with solar panels used in residential projects.

Huawei has a 25 year product warranty for their Smart Module Controller, so they should last for the entire operation lifespan of the solar panels they are attached to.

The Smart Module Controller comes with IP68 rated protection, meaning that it is completely dustproof and is also proof against any water jets, or even being submerged in up to 1.5m of water for up to 30 minutes.

The device has also been tested against harsh conditions such as high temperatures, snow and rainstorms.

The Smart Module Controller is able to adjust the current and voltage of each solar panel separately from the others. This stops those affected by shading or other issues from interfering with others on the same string.

While having power optimisers installed on solar panels will increase the initial upfront cost, that is offset through greater savings.

By improving the power yield of a solar PV system by as much as 30% optimisers can greatly reduce the payback period of the system as a whole.

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Vetted solar companies:

  • SEAI Authorised
  • SafeElectric Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • 1,000+ Installations
  • Tier-1 Materials
  • Dedicated Customer Care
  • Fully Vetted
  • Competitively Priced
  • Free Site Assessments