Insulating your home is a great way to save money in the long run by reducing your heating bills. But it can come with a significant upfront cost which may put people off making this kind of investment.

In order to encourage people to upgrade their property to help meet Ireland’s climate goals, the SEAI offers grant funding to help homeowners meet the cost of having insulation installed.

There are different streams of grant funding available based on what level of retrofit homeowners are carrying out, and their financial means.

Home Insulation Grants

Grants Available for Home Insulation Ireland

The SEAI offers grants for many different types of home insulation including:

The value of the grant will depend on three main factors: the type of insulation being installed, the size of the property, and which of the three main SEAI schemes you are applying through.

types of home insulation

The SEAI has three different routes for people seeking to upgrade their homes;

  • Individual Energy Upgrades
  • One-Stop Shop
  • Fully-Funded Energy Upgrades

These different schemes can offer homeowners greater control of the project by selecting individual upgrades and handling the application. Or they can offer the convenience of having a third party assess your home and handle the entire process, from the grant application through the retrofit and assessment afterwards.

Individual Energy Upgrades

These grants, also known as the Better Energy Homes Scheme, allow homeowners more control over their retrofit projects by allowing them to choose individual renovations they intend to carry out on their property, whether it is cavity wall or attic insulation, and apply for the grant for only that.

This suits homeowners who only have limited improvements which can be made to their house or apartment, or who don’t want the hassle of a massive retrofit taking place all at once.

With the Individual Energy Upgrades, the applicant is responsible for the entire process including selecting a contractor and the grant application.

One Stop Shop

The One Stop Shop Service is aimed at homeowners who want to carry out a complete overhaul of their home to gain significant energy efficiency improvements. 

This offers a wider array of options for home improvements than individual upgrades, and all of the process is carried out by the chosen contractor. 

You only have to choose one of the registered One Stop Shops and they will then carry out a home assessment to recommend what upgrades would suit your property. They will also handle the grant process with the SEAI and a post-works BER Assessment.

Note: The SEAI has a separate €350 grant for a Home Energy Assessment.

Fully Funded Energy Upgrades

Also known as the Warmer Homes Scheme, Fully Funded Energy Upgrades provide a range of energy efficiency improvements to homeowners who receive certain welfare payments. The grant completely pays for the improvements, and the SEAI handles all of the work.

If you qualify for the grant, the SEAI will send a surveyor to see what upgrades would best suit your home. A contractor will then be appointed to carry out the works, and afterwards, the SEAI will carry out a BER assessment of the property.

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Insulation Grant Values

The amount of grant funding available for home insulation grants in Ireland in 2024 is:

Insulation Type Grant Value
Attic Insulation Apartment (Any) – €800
Mid-Terrace House – €1,200
Semi-Detached/End-Terrace – €1,300
Detached House – €1,500 
Rafter Insulation Apartment (Any) – €1,500
Mid-Terrace House – €2,000
Semi-Detached/End-Terrace – €3,000
Detached House – €3,000
Cavity Wall Insulation Apartment (Any) – €700
Mid-Terrace House – €800
Semi-Detached/End-Terrace – €1,200
Detached House – €1,700
Internal Insulation (Dry Lining) Apartment (Any) – €1,500
End-Terrace House – €2,000
Semi-Detached/End-Terrace – €3,500
Detached House – €4,500
External Insulation (The Wrap) Apartment (Any) – €3,000
End-Terrace House – €3,500
Semi-Detached/End-Terrace – €6,000
Detached House – €8,000
Floor Insulation €3,500

Note: Approved Housing Bodies can receive €500 more than other private applicants for Rafter, Internal Wall, and External Wall Insulation, and €1,000 more for Floor Insulation.

How to Qualify for Home Insulation Grants in Ireland

This stream of SEAI grants is open to all homeowners and private landlords, as well as Owner Management Companies (OMCs). OMCs are private companies which own multiple properties, such as an apartment block or street of houses.

To qualify for home insulation grants the property in question must have been built and occupied prior to 2011.

The One-Stop Shop service has most of the same requirements as Individual upgrades, with some differences based on the pre-existing BER of the property in question.

It is open to homeowners and private landlords and is also available for Approved Housing Bodies.

The property must have been built and occupied before 2011, and must have an existing BER of B3 or lower. It must also be able to reach at least a B2 rating by having energy efficiency upgrades carried out.

To be eligible for the scheme you must be the owner and occupier of the home, which must have been built prior to 2006.

You must receive one of the following welfare payments:

  • Fuel Allowance
  • Jobseekers Allowance for more than 6 months, and have a child under 7.
  • Working Family Payment
  • One-Parent Family Payment
  • Domiciliary Care Allowance
  • Carers Allowance, and live with the person you are caring for.
  • Disability Allowance for more than 6 months, and have a child under 7.

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How Does the Grant Work

The application process for SEAI Insulation grants, how to handle the construction, and other paperwork depends on what grants you are applying for, and through what scheme.

Individual Energy Upgrades

As this scheme puts the project entirely in the hands of the homeowner, there are a number of steps in the grant process.

  1. Select which home insulation upgrades you wish to have carried out.
  2. Choose an SEAI-registered contractor. It is recommended that you shop around for multiple quotes.
  3. Apply for a grant online, via post, or through a Better Energy Partner.
  4. Accept the grant offer. The grant must be accepted within 30 days of receiving it for it it be valid. No work should be carried out before accepting the grant.
  5. Carry out home improvement work within 8 months of accepting the grant offer.
  6. Have a BER Assessment carried out on the property after construction.
  7. Submit grant payment request with Declaration of Works Form and BER Assessment.

Note: Payment of the grant can take 4 – 6 weeks after the payment request has been submitted.

How to Apply

To apply for this grant you will need the MPRN of the property and the Name and ID Number of the chosen contractor. Grant applications can be made online through the SEAI website or by post to:

Better Energy Homes Scheme
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
P.O. Box 119
Co. Kerry

Application can also be made through an Energy Partner. The are contractors who will handle the grant application process for you, and pass the savings on as a discount to the works.

The current SEAI Energy Partners are:

  • Accuflow
  • Activ8
  • Airtricity Home Energy Services
  • House2Home
  • Kingspan
  • Retrofit Ireland

One Stop Shop

To start the process a homeowner contacts a One Stop Shop from a list of SEAI registered providers. They will assess your home to determine if enough improvements are possible to qualify for the scheme and advise on what options are best suited.

They will manage the entire project from start to finish, including all of the construction work and follow-up paperwork.

With the One Stop Shop, the grant value is deducted from the upfront cost of the insulation or other home improvements. This means that homeowners know ahead of time exactly how much they will be paying. 

After the SEAI grant will be paid directly to the One Stop Shop provider, meaning no hassle for the homeowner.

Fully Funded Energy Upgrades

This programme can take considerably longer than others to be completed, but has the advantage that all of the work is handled by the SEAI and its chosen contractor.

If you are eligible for this scheme an application can be made online through the SEAI website or by post. After this the SEAI will carry out a BER Assessment if the property does not already have a rating.

The SEAI will then assess the property for appropriate upgrades, appoint a contractor to carry out the works, and after they are completed will carry out a follow up BER Assessment and quality inspection.

There is no need to worry about grant paperwork, as all of the cost is handled by the government.

How to Apply

The application can be made online through the SEAI website, or by post, submitting the Application Form and Carers Allowance Confirmation Form if it applies, and posting them to:

Fully Funded Energy Upgrades
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
PO BOX 119
Co. Kerry

Average Timeframe

  • Pre-works BER* – Approx 8 – 10 months from application
  • Survey – Approx 14 months from application
  • Works Completed – Approx. 24 – 26 months from application
  • Post works BER/Inspection – Approx. 2-3 months after works completed


Do I need planning permission to install insulation?

In the vast majority of cases, you will not need planning permission to have insulation installed in your home. The exception to that is with External Insulation, which may require planning approval in some cases.

Insulation FAQ

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