Solar panels are an excellent way for people in Ireland to save money on their electricity bills, while also making environmentally friendly choices that will help protect our planet.

When talking about renewable electricity in Ireland, wind power is usually the first thing that comes to people’s minds. But despite the Irish climate not being renowned for its sunshine, solar panels are still a very viable to save money and go green.

Solar panels - save money on electricity bills

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity or heat. There are two main types of solar systems, photovoltaic and thermal.

Solar panels which are used to collect heat for hot water are known as solar thermal systems, while those that generate electricity are called photovoltaic or solar PV systems.

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Solar PV System

The most common and useful type of solar power systems are solar PV, which convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed on the roof of your house or business to generate clean electricity at no extra cost to you once they have been installed.

useful type of solar power systems are solar PV

Solar Panel Brands

Thankfully these days there are many manufacturers of solar PV panels, giving you more options to choose from and also helping to bring down prices and make the switch more affordable to homeowners and businesses.

Among the many manufacturers that you can look at for different price points are:

Solar Panel Manufacturer Panasonic
Solar Panel Manufacturer Hyundai
Solar Panel Manufacturer Longi
Solar Panel Manufacturer JA
Solar Panel Manufacturer Jinko
Solar Panel Manufacturer Maxeon
Solar Panel Manufacturer REC
Solar Panel Manufacturer Qcells
Solar Panel Manufacturer SoliTek
Solar Panel Manufacturer Meyer Burger

How to Get Solar in Ireland.

8 Years

A typical solar installation is fully paid back within 8 years. All our panels are under warranty for 25 years, so you will enjoy 17 years of free energy generation.

0% VAT

As of May 10th 2023, the government has removed all VAT on Solar installation and solar panel supply. Solar has never been more affordable. 

Government Grants

There is are a number of government grants available for all new solar installations. Our team will guide you through the application process. 

Benefits of Solar Panels

As energy prices rise and global warming accelerates, there are more reasons to consider solar panels for your home energy.

Consider the following reasons.

reasons to consider solar panels

Save on Electricity Cost

The biggest benefit of installing solar pv panels on your home is to save on your electricity bills by cutting down on the amount of power you draw from the grid.

Once the up front cost of installing solar panels has been paid, they go on to generate electricity at no cost to you for their entire lifespan.

Not only that, you can even earn some money by selling excess power from your solar pv system back to the grid on a good day.

Save on Hot Water Cost

Solar power can be used to cut down on your hot water costs by either a solar thermal system, which can potentially meet up to 60% of a home’s hot water usage.

You can also install a power diverter which takes some of the surplus power generated by solar pv panels and sends it to your immersion to heat water.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Using solar pv panels to generate renewable electricity can reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on the amount of fossil fuels that you are using in your home or business.

Future Proof Against Fossil Fuels

Generating free electricity from solar pv can help to protect you from increases in the prices of fossil fuels such as gas or oil in the future.

The price of electricity from utilities can rise and fall based on factors beyond your control, and you only have to look at 2022 to see how the cost of gas and oil can skyrocket in a short space of time.

Lasts a Lifetime

Solar pv panels can last for decades before the need to be replaced, as long as they are kept maintained. The upfront cost of their installation is well worth it when they will be saving money for a long time to come.

Solar panels have an expected lifespan of 25 – 30 years, and you will generally break even on the cost after 10 years at most. This leaves you with as much as 20 years of totally free electricity after that point.

Avoid Blackouts

Solar panels in Ireland will not typically come with blackout protection in the event that of power outages. That is because your power inverter is required to automatically cut off power during a blackout to prevent any electricity being unexpectedly dumped into the grid while repairs are being made.

However, it is possible to have some dedicated circuits installed which are not connected to the main grid at additional cost. This could allow you to continue using your solar power as a backup for some essential systems during a blackout.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of installing solar panels depends on the price of the panels themselves, and how many are being installed on your property.

The average cost of installing solar panels on a home in Ireland is between €4,000 – €12,000 depending the size of your home, and how many solar panels are being installed. This is after taking into account the SEAI grant options which can help further reduce the price.

The cost of getting solar panels has also been further reduced by the 0% VAT rate meant to encourage people to convert to clean energy.

In addition, while other fuel sources have to be constantly topped up, there are no ongoing costs associated with solar panels after they have been installed.

How much can you save with solar panels?

Solar panels can save a great deal of money for homeowners of businesses through the free electricity generated on a sunny, or even overcast or winter’s day.

A Solar PV system can potentially save you more than 50% of your electricity bills, depending on how many panels you have installed, and whether you have bought a battery system to maximise the storage output.

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Can I sell electricity back to the grid?

Yes you can sell surplus solar energy generate by your solar PV system back to the electricity grid.

It is a relatively simple process to choose your electricity supplier to sell power back so long as you have a smart meter installed on your property to accurately measure the electricity being used, and sold back to the grid.

sell surplus solar energy back to the electricity grid

Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

No, you do not need planning permission to install solar pv panels on your property, regardless of how large an area they cover, but there are some restrictions depending on the location.

Previously, up to 12sqm of solar panels could be installed on a private residence, or 50sqm on a business, without requiring planning permission. That limit was lifted in late 2022, and property owners are now free to have as many as they please.

The only restrictions that apply are for areas around airports, hospitals with helipads, and areas where they might interfere with air traffic, or protected monuments or architectural conservation areas.

Solar Panels Grants

One of the biggest incentives to install solar panels on your home is that there are grants available for homeowners and businesses to carry part of the cost.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland provides grant funding for individual homeowners, businesses, or larger community schemes to convert to clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar Energy Grants Available for Homeowners

SEAI grants of up to €2,400 are available for homeowners to install solar pv panels or solar thermal systems on their house.

The size of your grant funding is dependent on the amount of kWp generated by your solar panels. The grants are available for almost all home which were built and occupied prior to 2021.

SEAI grants of €1,200 are also available for homeowners to install a solar thermal system on their home.

Solar energy grants available for business

Other SEAI grants of up to €2,400 are also available for businesses to install up to 6kWp of solar PV panels.

On top of businesses and farmers, these grant measures from the SEAI are also available for community groups, non-profits, schools etc.

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How long do solar panels last

The industry standard for the lifespan of solar panels is 25 – 30 years, though they will lose some efficiency over time. That loss of efficiency is important to take into consideration in choosing the best quality investment.

The typical warranty period for solar panels offered by manufacturers of solar panels is 25 years, ensuring that you won’t be at risk if something breaks just a few years after your solar panel installation.

lifespan of solar panels is 25 - 30 years

Solar PV vs Solar Thermal

In almost all instances, solar PV panels are a far better choice than a solar thermal system. They are simply more versatile, producing electricity which can also be used for heating instead of just heating water.

As solar panels become cheaper and more efficient, the advantage of choosing Solar PV will only grow.

On top of this, you can also maximise your saving by installing a home battery system to store electricity from the best days, or a power diverter to send electricity to the electric immersion, also giving you hot water.

A solar thermal system might be more advantageous if there is not enough room on the roof of your property to install many solar panels. As they tend to be smaller, you could get your water heated in the same space that would not hold many solar panels.

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