Solar PV is at its most effective in saving households money and helping them to become more energy efficient when as much of the energy generated by solar panels is used on site as possible.

During the day there may be many times when solar panels are generating more electricity than is being used in the household. When this happens, excess electricity is sent back to the grid. Unless there is another use for it.

The MyEnergi Eddi is a comprehensive control system for producing hot water in your home using renewable energy, a heat pump, or by drawing from the grid based on the prevailing conditions and homeowners’ needs at the time.

  • Solar Energy Production Tracking
  • Advanced App Controls
  • Smart Tariff Tracking for Lowest Prices
  • 3 Year Product Warranty
  • Overload and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Energy savings data logging
  • Built-in programmable boost timers
MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter

Adaptive Power Usage

The Eddi adapts constantly to the amount of power being made available from the solar PV array in order to make full use of surplus electricity without having to resort to drawing from the grid.

Support for up to two heating elements allows a wide range of temperature control.

Multiple Operating Modes

The Eddi power diverter has four different primary operating states which ensure that solar power is not wasted, and can also prioritise producing hot water on demand regardless of the cost.

  • Waiting For Surplus: In this stage the Eddi is dormant, monitoring the output of the solar panels and waiting for any surplus electricity to become available for water heating.

  • Heating: Energy is now being diverted by the Eddi for the purpose of water heating, with the display showing the current power flow level.

  • Max Temp Reached: When the hot water cylinder has reached its maximum temperature the Eddi will stop diverting power, regardless of whether a surplus remains, as it would be wasteful. Electricity will not be sent to the grid or other uses.

  • Boosting: When Boosting is activated the Eddi prioritises water heating, regardless of whether any solar electricity is available for its use. In this mode, the Eddi will import power from the grid if needed.

The Boost mode on the Eddi can also be programmed to come on at set times in the menu, or it can be programmed to come on when economy tariffs are available. 

Other potential control modes with the Eddi include being able to set a desired water temperature and schedule legionella control cycles.

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In-Depth Display

The LCD screen with LED backlighting for the Eddi contains a wealth of information about the status of your solar PV array and home heating system, all in an easily digested form.

The user-friendly interface can provide data on the power production from solar panels, power consumption from the grid, and the current status of the heating system.

Other information on the display includes the operating mode the Eddi is in, how much energy is currently being used for water heating, and how much has been sent over the course of the day. Optional extras even allow you to monitor the current temperature of the water.

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Heat Pump Compatibility

While designed mainly with homes using solar or wind power in mind, the Eddi is also compatible with heat pump systems. 

Acting as a system controller, the Eddi can switch between heating water using the immersion or a heat pump based on the available power at the time.

When excess energy levels are low the Eddi will prioritise the immersion heater using a trickle of excess electricity. However, when more than 2kW of electricity becomes available it can switch that power over to the heat pump.


Electrical Specs
Rated Input Power  3.68kW
Rated Supply Voltage 230V AC Single Phase (+/- 10%)
Supply Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz 
Rated Current 16A
Standby Power Consumption  3W
Generator Size Supported No limit (subject to 100A per-phase grid supply)
Heater Load Size 100W min. 3.68kW max.
Economy Tariff Sense Input  230V AC sensing (2.5kV isolated) 
Wireless Interface  868/915 MHz (proprietary protocol) for wireless sensor and remote monitoring options 
Grid Current Sensor 100A max. primary current, 16mm max. cable diameter
Supply Cable Entry Rear, bottom, or side option
Mechanical Specs
Dimensions  220 x 205 x 87mm (excluding wall bracket) 
Weight 4.3kg (excluding wall bracket) 
Protection Degree IP20 
Enclosure Material  Painted Zintec Steel
Operating Temperature -20°C to +40°C
Mounting Method Wall Mounting Bracket


The Eddi costs between €400 – €650 in Ireland depending on where you buy it from, or if it is part of a larger solar installation.

If you want to be able to boost solar thermal output, but also don’t want to use too much grid power, then a Grid Limit can be set which the Eddi will not exceed.

The Eddi comes with a standard three-year product warranty, with an option for an additional two-year extended warranty.

In addition to water heating power diverters can also be used for space heating and battery storage charging.

The Eddi is a compact device measuring 220 x 205 x 87 mm, with a weight of just 4.3kg.

The Eddi comes with a wall-mounted bracket and uses a grid current sensor to measure excess power going unused in the home. Optional grid sensors can also be installed to measure the power production of the solar PV array.

By maximising the amount of solar energy used in the household, and cutting down on alternative water heating needs, a power diverter can help to deliver significant savings.

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Vetted solar companies:

  • SEAI Authorised
  • SafeElectric Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • 1,000+ Installations
  • Tier-1 Materials
  • Dedicated Customer Care
  • Fully Vetted
  • Competitively Priced
  • Free Site Assessments