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The main difference between fuel powered cars of the past and the electric cars which are the future is electricity – otherwise, electric vehicles (EVs) look almost identical to their petrol or diesel guzzling cousin.

Most electric vehicle owners will opt to install their own AC Level 2 electric car charger, and it is estimated that around 80% of EV charging is done at home, which is significantly cheaper than using public charge points. For those who drive an electric car, choosing the right electricity provider is perhaps even more important due to the extra energy needed to power their vehicle.

Having an electric vehicle could save you money, especially if you have solar panels and the right electricity provider offering special overnight rates for electric vehicle owners.

How much electricity does an EV need

How much electricity does an EV need?

The amount of electricity that you will need for your electric vehicle will depend on how far you need to travel each day.

To charge an electric car to 80% – the battery size of the vehicle is the main influencing factor. Larger batteries require more electricity, however, they also provide more range.

Several factors determine the range of an electric car, including the EV battery’s capacity, wind, temperature, driving style and tire condition/ pressure.

How much does it cost to charge an EV at home in Ireland?

To work out how much charging an EV at home will cost, you must first know two things: the electricity rate and the battery size.

To calculate the cost of fully charging an electric vehicle at home, you can simply multiply the size of your battery by the price you pay for each kWh of electricity. 

The Best Electric Car Friendly Electricity Providers in Ireland

A few companies offer special rates for EV charging, such as Pinergy, which has a Drive Time rate – a 5c + VAT unit rate tariff from 2am to 5am every night.

Supplier  Plan  EV / night boost rate per kWh  Time 
Pinergy  Drive Time  5.45c 2am-5am
Board Gáis Urban EV  7.07c 2am-6am
Energia Smart Drive  7.54c 2am-6am
SSE Airtricity  Smart Night boost  8.10c 2am-5am
Electric Ireland  Home Dual / night boost  10.14c 2am-4am

These 2024 prices are based on discounted rates for customers, which are fixed for 12 months.

How long does it take to charge an Electric Car?

The length of time it takes to fully charge an EV with a home charger depends on the size of your EV battery (which is measured in kW) and the power output of the charger itself.

With a standard 7.4kW EV home charger, it will typically take between 3 and 8 hours for your battery to reach 80% charge.  

Charging a car with a small 40kW battery could take 3 and a half hours, while a large battery (90kW) could take around 8 hours to charge overnight. 

A medium-sized battery of 65kW can usually be charged to 80% in under 6 hours.

At public charge points, which can have much higher power outputs than standard home chargers, it can take much less time to fully charge your vehicle. 

With a 22kW electric vehicle charger, it will usually take under 2 hours to get your car to 80%.

Volkswagen ID.4

How much money can you save with an EV?

How much you save with an EV depends on a number of factors. These include the previous costs associated with fuel powered vehicles, the distance you travel each day, your electricity provider and whether you take advantage of reduced night-time rates or special EV friendly rates. 

With the right provider and scheduled charging, a typical Irish road user could potentially save over €700 on running costs with an electric vehicle.

ESB Public Car Charging Network Prices

Public charge points are more expensive than home EV charging, and this is the main reason that people choose to install a Level 2 home charger at their property instead of relying on public charge stations or Level 1 charging.

Most EV charging is done from home, but there will always be occasions when you’ll need to top up your battery while on the go. There are now hundreds of public EV charging stations across Ireland, but how much do they cost?

Standard Charging €0.563 per kWh
Fast Charging €0.647 /kWh
High Power Charging   €0.682 /kWh

Tips to Save Money on your Energy Bills

Only a small percentage of Irish homeowners take advantage of night-time rates offered by electricity providers, possibly because of the inconvenient time the Night Saver tariff comes into play. But EV owners can use the reduced rates to charge their vehicle overnight, which can make a significant difference to your EV’s annual running costs.

We would recommend shopping around every year to find the cheapest rates offered by electricity providers in Ireland. Most energy companies offer special rates for new customers, and some even have rates designed especially for EV drivers, so with night-time scheduling through your EV charger’s app, you could save hundreds per year by switching provider regularly.

The ESB is installing smart meters across Ireland, and most homeowners have now received one. This allows people to monitor their energy usage, and make changes if possible to save them money on their bills. If you haven’t received a smart meter yet, you can apply for priority installation by contacting the ESB’s smart meter support line on 1800 928 123 or 01 698 5005.

There are numerous benefits to having solar panels installed in Ireland, and one of the main advantages for homeowners is that they can save them hundreds per year on energy bills. With the right sized solar PV system on your roof, you can also avail of smart features with some EV chargers, which use solar energy to charge your car for free.

Best Electric Vehicle Chargers in Ireland

There are many home chargers for EV owners to choose from, with each having their own advantages and suited to different people for different reasons. Three of the most popular EV chargers on the market in Ireland in 2024 are:

Ohme Home Pro
Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Charger

These chargers are suitable for the vast majority of Irish EV owners, but if you have solar panels installed, we would recommend the myenergi zappi charger which is solar energy compatible, making the process simple and saving you more money each year.

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