The Huawei Luna Smart String Energy Storage Battery is an efficient modern battery storage solution which can help homeowners get the most out of their solar panels.

  • 100% Depth of Discharge
  • Easily Scaled from 5kW to 30kW Capacity
  • 4 Level Protection for Battery Cells, Electrical Systems, Physical Structure, and Fire Management.
  • Flexible Operating Modes
  • Easily Controlled from FusionSolar App.

From one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, the Huawei Luna Smart String Battery is part of their FusionSolar Range which boasts top of the line components for solar PV, including very flexible power storage.

Flexible Power Scaling

The modular design of the Huawei Luna system makes it easy to scale the size of the battery storage from 5kW up to 30kW.

Each stack consists of a Power Module and up to three 5kW battery modules which can be easily switched out an replaced as they age. The design of the system means that old and new battery modules can be simply placed alongside one another.

Two full stacks can also be set to work together in parallel, giving the Luna battery storage system a maximum capacity of 30kW, more than enough for any residential needs.

Optimising Power Output

Each Battery Module comes with a built-in energy optimiser which ensures the maximum operational capacity of each module.

When a certain module is aged, it will not degrade the capacity of the stack as a whole. This module optimization can deliver more than 10% more usable energy than other battery solutions.

Multiple Operating Modes

The Luna features multiple operating modes for different grid-tied and off-grid use, time controls, and selling surplus power.

  • Fully Grid-Tied
  • Grid-Tied and Off-Grid
  • Fully Off-Grid
  • Self-Consumption
  • Time of Use
  • Send Power to the Grid

Integrated Huawei FusionSolar Controls

The Luna Battery Storage System works best with the Huawei FusionSolar App which allows complete control over the Solar PV array and its operating modes from your phone, with no effort.

The simple and easy to use app allows homeowners to select operating modes and set time of use controls on their phone. You also have instant access to tracking how much power is being produced by your solar system.

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Multi-Level Protection

The rigorous design of the Luna system provides protection at every level from the battery cells, the electrical systems, the sturdy superstructure, and an emergency management system.

Each battery in the Huawei Luna comprises 16 Lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) cells controlled by eight sensors. With a sensor for every two cells, this provides extremely accurate management of the battery’s safety.

The Luna system also comes with built-in protection against surges in voltage, current, and temperature while operating. No need for a separate charge controller. 

Contained in a cabinet with high strength and a high melting point, your battery will be protected against knocks and the elements. Rated IP 66 for strong protection from dust and water, you can rest easy

In the final line of protection, each battery is fitted with an internal fire extinguisher which will deal with any issues within 15 seconds.

Sleek Design

Far from looking like an ugly block, the Huawei Luna has a sleek, modern appearance which won’t detract from your home no matter where it is installed.

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The LED display on the Huawei Luna shows the status of the battery: On, Off, or Hibernation.

The Huawei Luna can be installed in many different interior and outdoor locations as long as it is within safe operating conditions, which will be related to the ambient temperature. The recommended working temperature for the battery is 15-30℃.

If installed outdoors the battery should be shielded from rain and direct sunlight by an awning.

With its modular design, the Huawei Luna can be mounted on the wall or floor-standing for larger capacity systems.

The modular design of the Huawei Luna means that additional battery modules can easily be added at a later date. If you can’t afford or don’t need more than 5kW of battery capacity at first then stick with just the one. More can always be added on later, and older batteries can be swapped out just as easily.

An individual Huawei Luna battery module weighs 50kg, while the power module weighs 12kg. A floor standing Energy Storage System will weigh 63.8kg (5kW), 113.8kg (10kW), or 163.8kg (15kW).

Each battery module in the Huawei Luna system is 670 * 150 * 360 mm, and the power module is 670 * 150 * 240 mm.

A floor standing system will be 670 * 150 * 600 mm (5kW), 670 * 150 * 960 mm (10kW), or 670 * 150 * 1320 mm (15kW) in size.

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Vetted solar companies:

  • SEAI Authorised
  • SafeElectric Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • 1,000+ Installations
  • Tier-1 Materials
  • Dedicated Customer Care
  • Fully Vetted
  • Competitively Priced
  • Free Site Assessments