The Huawei SUN2000 Smart Energy Controller is a market leading solar inverter perfect for getting the best performance from your PV array and providing a fully integrated control system for all the devices in the system.

  • AI-Powered AFCI Fire Protection
  • Market Leading 98.4% Efficiency
  • Battery Storage Ready
  • IP65 Rated Protection
  • FusionSolar App Integrated Controls

The SUN2000 5KTL is a high-quality, sleek single phase string inverter perfect for any residential solar PV system.

Huawei Smart Energy Controller

High Efficiency Performance

The Huawei Smart Energy Controller helps to ensure the maximum output from your solar panels with a market leading efficiency level of 98.4%.

This helps homeowners to become more self-sufficient, cutting their reliance on electricity from the grid and reducing their carbon footprint.

Flexible Power Usage

A solar inverter needs to be matched with the output of the solar panel array to ensure that it can handle the power going through it.

The 5KTL SUN2000 inverter allows for 5kW AC power output and 5kW battery charge for a high energy performance.

Intelligent AFCI Circuit Protection

The AI Powered Arc-fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) system protects against any risk of electrical fires resulting from system faults.

In the event of electrical arcing from damaged circuits or wires, the system can disconnect the DC arc within 0.5 seconds, preventing potential fire hazards.

This ensures personal safety and minimal damage to the asset, as well as the smooth restoration of power.

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Rugged & Reliable Design

The Huawei SUN2000 Smart Energy Controller has been engineered for an operational lifespan of 25+ years, meaning that it should last as long as your solar PV array without needing replacement, further enhancing the return on investment.

Built with a sturdy design tested against challenging environmental conditions, it comes with IP65 rated protection against dust, foreign objects and water damage. 

Over 1,400 tests have been carried out for surge protection, harsh environments and extreme weather such as snow, high temperatures, and even lightning.

Battery Storage Ready

It has never been easier to connect solar battery storage to your solar PV array, with a dedicated battery terminal on the Smart Energy Controller.

Just plug and connect your Huawei Luna Smart Energy Storage modules for up to 30kW of storage to maximise the gains from your solar PV array.

Avoid High Energy Tariffs

Even without solar panels installed, the Huawei Smart Energy Controller can still save you money on electricity by working with the Luna Battery Storage System to take advantage of night time prices.

The SUN2000 system allows you to charge your Luna Battery from the grid at night time to take advantage of lower unit prices, and discharge that electricity during the day.

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Smart Energy Management System

AI technology is again leveraged in the SUN200 for the Energy Management Assistant. This analyses your household data to predict energy consumption and generation figures for your household throughout the day.

With this system enabled it can then store, purchase, and sell electricity based on what will maximise your energy efficiency, financial benefits, and provide an optimal system performance.

Complete Smart Home Control

The FusionSolar App provides complete integrated controls for all the devices on your solar PV system in the palm of your hand. Solar panel output, Smart Energy Controller configurations, and battery storage are all managed from a single simple interface.

Get a clear picture of the energy consumption and production patterns of your home to improve your self reliance and energy efficiency.


The Huawei Smart Energy Controller has been designed for a 25 year operational lifespan. This means that it should remain up and running for the same expected lifespan as your solar panels, further increasing the return on investment from not having to replace the inverter.

With IP65 rated protection against dust and water, and a host of other stress tests, the Huawei Smart Energy Controller can be installed both indoors and outdoors. However, it is advised to install it in a location with an awning or out of direct sunlight.

The system can be mounted either on your wall or on a pole, as long as it is at an appropriate angle. The unit can be mounted vertically or at a back angle of up to 15°. It should be leaning forward or at a horizontal tilt.

The SUN2000 Smart Energy Controller module measures 365 mm * 365 mm * 156 mm including the mounting bracket.

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