FusionSolar is the control system for Huawei Solar PV systems, providing one single app to manage all elements of the solar PV system in a home or business.

The FusionSolar Smart PV Management System displays the current and historic operation status of solar PV systems in an easy-to-understand manner and allows owners to control their devices remotely.

  • Fully Hardware Integrated with Huawei SUN2000 Inverters and Solar Panel Optimisers, and Luna Battery Storage Systems.
  • Cloud-connected to control your home from anywhere.
  • Real-time and historic data monitoring of system performance and output.
  • Full control of battery charging and energy management systems.
  • Web portal and mobile app systems
FusionSolar Smart PV Management System

Complete Control of Huawei Solar PV Device

The FusionSolar app and web portal provide a fully integrated system for managing your solar panel through SUN2000 range of Smart Energy Controller (Inverter) and Smart Module Controller (Power Optimiser), as well as the LUNA2000 Smart String Energy Storage (Battery).

As the devices are all designed to work together, it allows seamless control of power monitoring and management between energy production, consumption from the grid, and charging & discharging of battery power.

Solar Panels

With Power Optimisers installed on each solar panel, homeowners have easy access to complete power generation data from each module as well as the entire solar PV array.

On an individual solar panel basis the web portal creates a map template of where each solar panel is located and what its status is. 

This gives users the ability to monitor each panel for any changes in its output which could indicate it needs maintenance or repairs. Having this information at hand can reduce the need for semi-regular maintenance checks, and save hours searching for the source of the problem when repairs are needed.


Solar Inverter

The SUN2000 range of Smarty Energy Controllers serves as the string inverter and central hub of the Huawei residential solar network, connecting the solar panels, battery storage, home electrical load, and grid connection.

The Energy Management Assistant can analyse your household data to predict energy consumption and generation figures over the course of the day.

By enabling EMSS through FusionSolar a homeowner can allow the system to store, purchase, and sell electricity based on parameters which have been set ahead of time. These can include maximising self-consumption, or peak financial gains.

Solar Inverter

Solar Battery

The LUNA2000 Smart String Energy Storage System can help to optimise the self-consumption of energy generated by a solar PV system or reduce energy bills by taking advantage of lower grid tariffs.

Through the Smart PV Management System, users can view the battery SOC, working mode, and charge and discharge energy of the current day in real-time.

Device management allows users to choose between multiple operating modes for the battery such as grid-tied, off-grid, or mixed usage. Users can also set time of use controls such as discharging electricity during peak hours and charging from the grid at night.

excess electricity is diverted to your battery to charge it to capacity

Device Status

For each device which has been connected to the smart PV management system, the app or web portal makes it simple to see the operating status of the device.

Status  Colour Description
Running The device is running properly (including the on-grid, off-grid, and terminal test status).
Standby The device is on standby or shut down unexpectedly or on command.
Faulty The device is faulty or shut down unexpectedly.
Offline The communication is interrupted.
Loading The device has been identified and feature information is being collected.

Monitoring Alarms

The FusionSolar Monitoring System allows you to set alarms which will provide instant notification in the event that a fault is detected, or other alarm parameters.

In-Depth Data Visualisation

The FusionSolar App offer a wide range of date for users to combine and analyse to help them understand and improve their energy usage. It can also give a clear picture of how much money is being saved and the environmental benefits derived from the solar PV panel system.

  • Energy Yield produced by the solar panels in the PV system.

  • Self-Consumption – How much of that energy is being used in the home
  • Export – The quantity of that energy which has been exported to the grid.
  • Energy Consumption in the home in question.

  • Self-Sufficiency – The portion of that energy consumed which has been generated by the solar panels.
  • Import – The amount of energy used in the home which has been imported from the grid.
  • Energy Management displays those yield and consumption statistics over different time period, allowing the user to gain a broader understanding of their home electricity habits, and how to optimise them.

  • Revenue Statistics available through the system show calculate the feed-in prices of electricity and savings on electricity bills.

  • Solar PV Array Layout shows where each solar panel is located in a virtual grid map generated by the power optimisers.

  • Energy Flow Diagram shows where power is being distributed from solar panels to battery storage load consumption/grid.

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Control Electricity Prices

With a modern smart meter plan electricity prices will fluctuate throughout the day. AT times they will rise and fall above and below what you will get for selling excess electricity back to the grid.

By setting electricity prices for purchasing from the grid at different times of the day, as well as the feed-in-tariff prices, the FusionSolar Smart PV Management System can more accurately both potential revenue from selling power to the grid or savings on electricity bills.

You can even use the app to set holiday dates and times and what the system should do during those periods.

sell surplus solar energy back to the electricity grid

Extensive Suite of Features

The SolarFusion Smart PV Monitoring System has a wide range of features allowing different levels of visualisation and management of the solar system across its web portal and dedicated app.

The SolarFusion App allows owners to easily see the status of their solar PV panels and other devices, as well as setting alarms and . All located in a single interface in the palm of your hand.

The web portal for SolarFusion offers a more extensive range of options such as generating reports on Key Performance Indicators and compiling reports on the performance of the solar panels, battery, and inverter which can be exported for analysis. 

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