Solar Calculator

Solar Energy Calculator

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Our solar energy calculator is intended to provide you with an understanding of how much solar output your system will generate.

There are limitations to the calculator which we have had to make in order to keep the results accurate. For example, we are considering the output of your solar panels in a purely energy reduction capacity. This means that we do not consider the price the grid will buy your electricity back for, only the assumed price as of 21/06/2023.

We are making the following assumptions:

  • Cost per KwH: €0.319148936
  • Panel output: 376 kwh per year
  • Annual performance degradation: 0.5% annually
  • South facing panel: no additional degradation
  • East / West facing panels: 15% gross performance degradation
  • Lifespan: 30 years average panel lifespan before replacement. Depending on installation quality and performance degradation, this may need to be replaced sooner but most installations should last 30 years.

Annualised output assumptions:

South Facing Panel Calculations

  • Annual Energy Production 1 panel = 376 kwh
  • Annual Monetary Production per panel = €120 per year

East / West Facing Panel Calculations

  • Annual Energy Production per panel = 316 kwh (15% reduction)
  • Annual Monetary Production per panel= €103.75 per year (15% reduction)

Solar Energy Grant Assumptions

There are some situations where solar panel grants will not be approved, but we are working on the basis your application will be approved.

Assumed grant values (as of 28/02/2024):

  • €1,280 for 1.6 kwh solar
  • €1,600 for 2 kwh solar
  • €1,700for 2.4 kwh solar
  • €1,800 for 2.8 kwh solar
  • €1,900 for 3.2 kwh solar
  • €2,000 for 3.6 kwh solar
  • €2,100 for 4+ kwh solar

Note: We do not factor in the direction of your panels at this stage as it is the panel output in theory that is used when making the grant application.

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